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Time Perspective

Life Expectancy

In September 2021, the average global life expectancy was around 72 years (according to the website OurWorldInData). Japan held the record with a life expectancy of nearly 85 years, while Chad had the lowest average at 52.5 years, resulting in a 32.5-year difference. Converted into days, assuming the average life expectancy is 72 years, it gives us 26,280 days of life. The average life expectancy for men is about 68 years, while for women, it is about 73 years. In days, this translates to 24,820 days for men and 26,645 days for women.

Your Time at School

The average time spent in school throughout a lifetime can vary, based on educational choices, academic aspirations, and other personal circumstances. But we can estimate the average time based on assuming primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Let's take the following durations, and if you don't repeat any grades: Primary education (elementary and middle school): 6 years ; Secondary education (high school): 6 years ; Tertiary education (university): 4 years. This would amount to 16 years, equivalent to 5,840 days (including holidays and weekends).

Your Time at Work

Just like for school, the average time spent at work throughout a lifetime can vary based on different factors, including individual choices, career paths, and retirement age. An approximate estimation based on a standard full-time work schedule could be 5 days per week, 8 hours per day. Assuming you start working at the age of 20 and retire at 65, that would be 45 years. Assuming 48 weeks of work in a year, the calculation would be: 5 days x 48 weeks x 45 years = 10,800 days (excluding holidays and weekends).

Your Remaining Time in Life

Let's do the math:

For an average woman: 26,645 - 5,840 - 10,800 = 10,005 days left to live, assuming you are currently 65 years old.

For an average man: 24,820 - 5,840 - 10,800 = 8,180 days left to live, assuming you are currently 65 years old.


Don't wait for time. Take it.

"If you think the price of victory is too high, Wait until you get the bill for regrets." Tim Grover

By Julien Baillet, 2023.

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