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Who We Are

Welcome to the Movement Psychology !


InCorporer is a systemic therapeutic approach, 

working with the nervous system and the body movements.


While first developed to treat Complex PTSD, Dissociation and Attachement injuries, InCorporer is now expanding to help all forms of systems on Earth, engulfing families, businesses, Nature,

in order to repair system failures. 

"Despite 10 years of trainings all around the world, in EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Neurofeedback, TAT, etc, something was still missing. A part of me was still saying « there’s not enough body there ». I stopped doing classical psychological trainings to put myself in movements therapies. There was the missing piece. Because the brain, on the contrary to what is taught to us in college, is not designed to think.

But to move." 


At this point, i was able to solve the puzzle, and organise

InCorporer - Body & Mind Integrative Systems. 

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