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My Secret Recipe to Achieve an Amazing Burnout

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Being successful with your burnout is a tough. You lack experience, you are shy and don't want your colleagues to be as good as you, and you are always questioning yourself. So where do you start ?

Here is my moto : "Always start by the Beginning".

3 basics principles to follow

1/ The first principle is to reach emotional and physical exhaustion.

You can't neglect any dimension here. Be relentless.

This is a necessary criteria, but it's not enough. Of course. It is never enough to achieve burnout.

Physical tips : Start with 1000 push ups every hours, from 8am to 7pm.

Emotional tips :

- Boss : go and scream at your favorite employee until you lose your voice. Take a hot tea with honey. Chose another employee, and let's go. Repeat.

- Employee : be needy. Harass your boss for more vacation, more money, a bigger budget to achieve your goals. Repeat.

2/ The second one is mystical : depersonalise

Just become as cold as John Snow after he is betrayed by the NightWatch.

Take a step back, or ten... or a mile.

The emotional fatigue will create the distance. Fast. You will feel less and less. And you will dissociate. Finally. You're now on Fire : you just don't care. Your wife/husband/partner ? Your friends ? Your sport ? Your taxes ? You're far beyond that. "To infinite ... and beyond" ;)

3/ Third door to open : Lose the meaning of the personnel accomplishments and goals.

You will become a pro athlete of inefficacy, and self devaluation.

This is where you finally touch the bottom... Of everything. You achieved Burnout ! Congratulations ! How do you recognize it ? You feel failure everywhere in your life.

It is unbearable. You are there. Burnout climax.

By Julien Baillet - InCorporer, November 14th 2022.

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