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InCorporer.Oslo New office

The InCorporer Oslo office is now open ! 🥳

We are so happy and grateful to invite you to your personal growth, expansion and healing with the InCorporer's approach. ⛩️

Don't be shy and come say hi! 😎

Wish to learn more? Here it is what we do :

Traumas, Attachement and Dissociation

We deal with traumas, attachment issues and dissociative symptoms.

These are the main disrupters of your nervous system, causing depression, anxiety, addiction, flashbacks, emotional dysregulations, and many of the other symptoms.

To help your nervous system to be functional again, you must address the cause(s), not the symptoms.

At InCorporer you will learn to work and heal your nervous system through movement integration, mindful state and inner parts work.

Many forms of (re)connexion to your body : that's what we do !

Be ready for a Big Change !

Athletes Performance & Injuries

As Bill Bowerman (Nike co-founder) said, "If you have a body, you are an athlete".

Meaning... You are one !

No surprise then, that with InCorporer, we as well empower Athletes and help them process their past injuries.

As a matter of fact, you only have 2 types of athletes : the injured ones, and the not injured yet. And be sure these kind of things doesn't help your nervous system to get better ..

If you're still scared for your ankle or have chronic pain in this shoulder, you know what i'm talking about.

With InCorporer approach, we help the athletes to achieve their goals, fix their injuries, and more.

InCorporer.FightClass -

We do that too 😎

Our Martial Arts and Fight coach is impatient to support you and develop your protection skills 💪🔥⛩️.

In this work space, we help you to discover and reconnect to your natural survival systems.

Mother Nature did an amazing job with us, the mammals. Have you heard about the Fight - Flight - Freeze systems ? Probably. And maybe you already feel them on a daily basis, as you've been bullied at school for years. Or when you practice your boxing, muay thaï or bjj class, you feel some movement and emotions you don't control, trying to protect you... And you don't know how to deal with them. And this is never trained...🙄 It had to change.

Come test yourself and transcend the Fight Flight Freeze with me ... You are more... 🦊⛩️

See you soon at the Dojo ! 💪😎⛩️🙏

Or : +33 660 456 021

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